October 9, 2015

The Land: Anti Shenhua sign vandalised

A SIGN erected by Liverpool Plains Farmers against the Shenhua Watermark Coal Mine has been vandalised in Breeza.

The Mine Your Food Bowl sign has been on Andrew Pursehouse’s property Breeza Station, Breeza, for about a year.

The sign was erected as part of the Liverpool Plains farmers fight against the proposed Shenhua mine, which will be directly across the road from Breeza Station if goes ahead.

Liverpool Plains youth group member Maddy Coleman said the sign had become quite well recognised in the region, which helped them spread their message.

The sign is easily visible from the Kamilaroi Highway, and has often spurred people passing by to stop and take photos with the sign.

Miss Coleman said the sign has also allowed people to visualise where in comparison to Breeza’s prime agricultural land, the mine would be.

Although Miss Coleman said it was extremely disappointing someone would vandalise the sign, it showed their message was recognised.

Along with farmers in the area, the Liverpool Plains Youth group have used social media and gatherings to campaign against the the mine.

Miss Coleman said despite the vandalism, their fight wouldn’t stop.

“At least it shows our voice is being heard,” she said.

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