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When we started in November 2005, we could not have imagined what would unfold. The now disgraced former NSW Minister Ian Macdonald issued Exploration Licences to both BHP Billiton and the Chinese Government-owned Shenhua to begin planning coal mines across the floodplains. Our community blockaded the site for more than a year and funded 22 court actions to protect these irreplaceable natural assets.

A key result of our actions was the disbanding of the Mining Warden’s Court which had a shameful record. The mining warden’s role was to settle conflicts primarily over land access when landholders did not want mining companies entering their properties to explore. In every single case it heard, the court ultimately dismissed landholders’ objections and facilitated the miners proceeding.

As a community, we were determined to expose and remove this entrenched legal bias.

We appealed the Mining Warden’s decision in the NSW Supreme Court where we had a stunning victory. The access arrangements imposed by the Mining Warden across our region were quashed and the court ruled that proper process had not been followed. Our celebrations did not last long.

Within a matter of weeks, Minister Macdonald introduced retrospective legislation to override the Supreme Court judge’s findings and we were back to square one.

Before our very eyes the government was moving the goal posts and, once more, the open bias towards facilitating mining over protecting agricultural land was plain to see. This has happened at every step of what is a totally inadequate planning and assessment process openly designed to approve mines no matter what the social or environmental cost.

Our community is not opposed to mining. Our position has always been that this is simply the wrong mine in the wrong place.

Since the Federal Environment Minister’s decision to give the green light to the Shenhua open-cut mine, the extraordinary outpouring of support to save the floodplains has overwhelmed our community and made us realise that we are not in this fight alone. What is at stake here is the future of an irreplaceable region. One thing not in dispute is that the science is uncertain about what damage mining will cause – particularly to the precious underground water systems of the Liverpool Plains that have taken millions of years to form.

We have to let our politicians know that they have absolutely no mandate or authority to risk or destroy these floodplains. We believe we can still win this fight but we are going to need your help.

Over 50,000 people have signed the petition so far and we are asking you to help raise the funds we urgently need to progress this campaign.

In circumstances where both major political parties are captive to the mining lobby, we think ‘people power’ is our greatest asset. As well as legal challenges and getting further scientific work done to support those cases, we need to fund a media campaign and some of the largest protest events ever planned in Australia.

It is a huge campaign and we are aiming to raise $500,000 in the next month to make it happen. We can get there if each of you would be kind enough to make a $10 donation today by clicking here.

CRITICALLY, we need 50,000 people to give $10 so if you can share your contribution to the campaign with just 4 people we will reach our target!

Please donate $10 today and ask 4 friends to do the same. We know that PEOPLE POWER can win this campaign to protect one of the most important environmental and agricultural assets in Australia.

Please help us and be part of a critically important campaign to protect the rich soils and precious water systems of the Liverpool Plains. The future of Australia’s food security depends on it.

Thank you.”

Tim Duddy
on behalf of the Friends of the Liverpool Plains.

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