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It is in our hands to secure the Liverpool Plains for the
future of Australia. Let’s do this together.

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We have always believed that this was the wrong mine in the wrong place and over the last month we have made enormous progress, the possibility of preserving this region is real, we are nearly there and we need your help.
There are still outstanding legal issues which we must address and PEOPLE POWER is our greatest asset.

Community Support


The extraordinary outpouring of community support has overwhelmed us all and made us realise that this fight is much greater then us. This is about leaving a legacy for the nation and the way to win is with people power. Will you join this fight?


The Friends of the Liverpool Plains are organised by people like you. People who care enough about the land that produces our food. We are farmers, environmentalists, business people, students.


We come from all walks of life, from across the political spectrum and we share something very important in common: a belief that the land we manage to grow our food is a precious resource.

We are not opposed to mining. We understand that mining must happen but we, more than anything, understand that the food bowls of Australia must not be jeopardised.


The 21st century promises us two competing challenges: population growth and climate change. The former suggests that food production globally will be strained to keep up with demand while the latter will place even greater variable pressures on the reliability of production with increasing extreme weather, including droughts and floods.

Into this mix comes mining wanting to source fossil energy to meet the growing demands of a growing population.

But as much as we acknowledge the importance of energy and the energy mix we also know that the future of food production teeters on a knife edge with just two major challenges.


If we add mines into key food production areas like the Liverpool Plains the potential impact for our food supply is dire.

Please join our campaign making a contribution and ensure that we send a clear message to the Government that this is the WRONG MINE in the WRONG PLACE.

Friends of the Liverpool Plains